Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Iced Buns: Technical Challenge One

Well, as promised here is my first attempt at a technical challenge from the Great British Bake Off. I followed the exact recipe from the accompanying series cookbook and was rather pleased that they actually turned out quite well...which I was not expecting...obviously I should have more faith!!

Overall, the recipe was fairly easy to follow, however once you have mixed the ingredients you are then instructed to add water and if you add it all at once the dough can become very sticky, so if you are going to attempt these iced buns then I would advise adding the water slowly a bit at a time. When shaping the buns I didn't have a ruler to hand... the recipe stipulates that each should be 12cms long... turns out mine were only 10cms(!) but my theory is that my rounded buns gave more room for icing on top, although Paul Hollywood may not have approved!!

Once the cream was piped in I added the thin line of jam... I did cut little too much off the end of the piping bag so the lines ended up a little wonky but ultimately they actually looked quite tasty... and they tasted delicious!!! I'd definitely recommend having a go at iced buns and you can find the recipe here...definitely an old-fashioned favourite. I will be attempting another technical challenge next month and will post the results for you to see.

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  1. Laura, yours look better than Paul Hollywood's.. And my opinion regarding the size is, the smaller ones look more sophisticated anyway. Well done for such a good job-I wouldn't even dare..


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