Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cake Club: Glitz & Glamour...

This evening was the inaugral Cakes4Fun cake club which is to be a monthly get together... each month has a theme and all participants must bring an appropriately baked and decorated cake. It's a great excuse to try new ideas, eat cake and discuss all things baking!!

The theme this month was Glitz & Glamour... this was a tough start... thinking of a cake to bake to meet the theme took a while. The general consensus seemed to be chocolate and glitter... with 6 out of the 7 cakes being chocolate... including mine!

I decided to go for a White & Dark Chocolate Cake from BBC GoodFood which looks really good visually when you cut in to it. I did however, double the recipe to give more height to the cake. To make the chocolate stars you can either make your own or Dr Oetker now do good chocolate stars in the supermarket. The ones I decorated my cake with are covered in edible gold leaf and gold star transfer paper.

All the cakes were delicious... for the record the only non-chocolate one was a lovely hummingbird cake which was very moreish!! I'm now full of cake and am already looking forward to the next cake club meeting!!

Why not set up your own cake club with friends or follow this link to the Clandestine Cake Club where you can either find a club near you or start one up!


  1. hi Laura, it was nice to meet you last night, your cake was amazing! I'm glad mine tasted better than it looked!
    I am going to enjoy reading all your blog posts when I have a bit more time, very impressed you blogged about Cake Club already! I have my own blog - - but there isn't much on it yet!

  2. Hi Caroline,

    It was nice to meet you too! I really enjoyed the first cake club and you're cake was really tasty... I think I may make it soon for Cake Friday at work!!

    Your blog looks good too!

  3. Wow you were super quick with posting! It was lovely to meet you at cake club. Your cake was great, especially the gold stars :) Your blog looks great, look forward to seeing all your technical bakes. I just got my book signed today by Mary and Jo. Super chuffed :) Looking forward to the next cake club.

  4. It sounds like the GoodFood Show was the place to be...I love Mary Berry!! I might check it out next year!

  5. Hi Laura,
    Just come across your blog through "themorethanoccasionalbaker" That choc cake is beautiful - did you make the gold stars?

  6. Hi,

    Thanks talesofpiglingbland. The gold stars on this one are just Dr.Oetker stars which were then covered in edible gold leaf which is stuck on with edible glue. The smaller stars can be made with edible transfers or you can buy them ready made!

    I have also made stars before in milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzled over. If you spread it out on baking paper and then when it is nearly set use a star cutter to mark the edges... then when completely set you can use a knife to cut out fully. I was thinking I might do a post on it soon!

    P.S your blog looks fab...I may have to make a request!


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