Sunday, November 27, 2011

Afternoon Tea: Fortnum & Mason

Mmmmmm.... afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason! This afternoon I visited this fine London establishment with some lovely friends to enjoy delicious cakes... and just a little bit of gossip!!
So what did we eat? Well for starters we were served a gruyere and mustard profiterole canape which was delicious. This was closely followed by a selection of sandwiches and a smoked salmon and caviar blini. Finally, what a good afternoon tea is all about... the cakes!! There were plenty on offer including berry financiers, mini gingerbread loaves, cassis mousse cake, meringues with lemon curd, caramel and chocolate cake, mandarin tartlets and of course the afternoon tea classic... scones!! All were absolutely delicious and washed down with Rose Pouchong tea... a new one on me but maybe destined to be a favourite... a bit like rose turkish delight!!

Fortnum & Mason is all decked out for Christmas at the moment too which made it extra special. I would highly recommend a visit as out of all the places that I've visited for afternoon tea, this must be the most relaxed. The staff are very friendly and there is no rush... you can while away the afteroon with copious amounts of tea and cake...what could be better!!


  1. Oooh looks delicious! Haven't been for afternoon tea there in a while. In fact not been anywhere recently, must change that next year :)

  2. It was delicious... off for another one next weekend!! I might need to go on a diet afterwards!!

  3. That looks amazing! I am sure you enjoyed it a lot!

    Whenever I can I plan an afternoon tea as well. It's great and the best thing is discovering new flavours!

    Pouchong tea is indeed a surprise, especially Rose Pouchong!

    It's one of my favourite teas, not only for its peculiar flavour, but for its healthy benefits!

    Did you know this tea is useful to treat digestive disorders? I have an ulcer, so whenever I can I drink Pouchong tea to ease the pain.

    It is also a wonderful detox tea, able to inhibit the onset of viruses. So next time you have a sip of this healthy tea, remember all the benefits you are enjoying as well!

    It's quite a discovery!

  4. Thanks for the info Mafalda. So not only is it delicious but healthy too! I tried a green tea with manuka honey the other day too which was also very tasty!

  5. Does anyone have the recipe for the scones at the Langdon Hotel London?


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