Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Calendar Cakes - May

Thanks for all your great entries in April for the Great Village Show. You can check them out over on the Calendar Cakes page at Dolly Bakes.

For this month's Calendar Cakes we have a special challenge for you. On Sunday 19th May it's World Baking Day when everyone is encouraged to bake up a storm. You can check out the website here.

Last year for WBD we were encouraged to go out 'caking' which involved taking a picture of your cake in an unusual location. You can see my caking effort below as I made a crown cake for the Jubilee.
The WBD challenge for this year is to 'Bake Brave'. There are 100 recipes on the WBD website which are levelled in difficulty from 1 to 100. You can choose your baking level, starting at 'I bake and cross my fingers', moving to 'I bake every now and then', next up is 'I bake at every opportunity' and finally the top level...I bake therefore I am! All you need to do is choose the level and recipe that best suits you. We are urged to step out of our comfort zone and bake something we've never baked before.

So for our Calendar Cakes Challenge this month you can choose to do one of two things...either bake something from the list of 100 which case you will go straight to the top of the round up. Alternatively, we would love to receive any other cakes and bakes that you make this month in celebration of WBD, even if they're not on the list of 100. We'd also love to see any 'caking' pictures this month too!

WBD looks like a lot of fun, so I do hope you'll get involved. On Sunday 19th May you can also tweet your entries to @WorldBakingDay if you've made one of the recipes from their list of 100.

* Please note, you are welcome to add as many entries as you wish to the linky but if there are too many entries overall then only one entry per person may appear in the round up.

To enter this month, here are the guidelines...

Entry Guidelines:

  • Post your entry on your blog and include the ‘Calendar Cakes’ logo

  • Add 'Calendar Cakes' as a label on your post.

  • Follow Dolly Bakes and Laura Loves Cakes blogs using the Google Join this Site button.

  • Add links on your post to your hosts Dolly Bakes and Laura Loves Cakes.

  • Link to your blog from here using the Linky tool below. It's dead easy...

  • If you don’t have a blog you can still join in, just email us a picture and a bit of information about your bake. Email to

  • If you're on Twitter, tweet us a link to your post @dollybakes and @lauralovesbakes - otherwise we won't see it! Use the handle #CalendarCakes.  

Calendar Cakes Challenge Rules:
  1. You can enter as many times as you like. Bake to your little heart's content.

  2. It can be your own recipe or one you found elsewhere (please just state where you found it).

  3. You can use old posts as long as you update them with the 'Calendar Cakes' logo and link back (see above).

  4. If you want to enter your bake into other challenges too then please feel free.

  5. You must submit by the 28th May. 


  1. What's wrong with me that I want to attempt number 100 without even knowing what it is yet !?!?

  2. Ee this looks like fun!! Going straigh on the website now!!

  3. Sad that I will be on holiday and won't be baking on 19th May!

  4. Can I bake any cake that I want to? I have a great recipe in mind. Also do I post my recipe on the linky tool on Sunday 19th?

  5. Hi Laura, you can either bake any cake that you'd like or one from the list of 100. You can also post your link any time you like up to 28th May...I do hope you can enter! :-)

  6. Thanks Laura :) I will certainly enter this and continue to take park in your calendar cake group each month. It sounds great!


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